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It is never too late to get healthier   

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The Primary Focus of this Website

My recent success in reversing diabetes and insulin resistance in less than five months at age 75 prompted me to share what I have learned in several ways.  This Book is one of those ways and this website is another.


The tabs of this site correspond to Chapters of the book.  For each chapter I have clickable links to specific products as well as informative videos.  This info is for the convenience of my readers.  There is no way to create a clickable link in a printed book, so I created this website as a resource.  All the products are things I own and use.  I will never add a link to anything I haven't personally used. 

The videos enhance the subject matter of the book and extend its scope.  I have watched everyone several times.


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Did you know:

In 1977, American Nutritionist introduced dietary guidelines that still influence medical professionals and individuals around the world.  These guidelines were quickly adopted by many countries. 


In the 45 years since they were introduced, there has been a steady and alarming increase in obesity, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, kidney disease, liver damage, arthritis, and cancer.  These conditions have reached epidemic proportions in the US.  These are all metabolic diseases that can be reversed by simple dietary changes combined with intermittent and prolonged fasting.


The US leads the charge, but many countries are now following in our footsteps.   In the US, 70% of adults are overweight.  Globally this number is at about 40% but the rate of change is the same.

The key to better health and long-term weight loss is insulin management.  This is also faster and easier than traditional diets that have no chance of long-term weight loss.

No diet works for everyone, and we are beginning to understand why.

  • Although there are average or “normal” responses to foods, two individuals might have exact opposite insulin responses to the exact same food and quantity of food.

  • Our gut bacteria determine how we respond to food and our microbiome has a memory.  People who have been obese extract significantly more calories from food than people who have never been overweight.  This effect can last for years after significant weight loss, thus making it difficult to sustain the weight loss.

  • To be effective, a diet must be personalized with respect to insulin response.

The same factors that result in significant and sustained weight loss, also result in better health, increased longevity, and reduced risk of disease.

  • Normal cells create energy by oxidation — burning proteins in the presence of oxygen.

  • Cancer cells create energy by fermentation of glucose (sugar) and glutamine (the most abundant amino acid in our bodies).  Cancer cells can be killed by starving the body of fermentable sources of energy.

  • Our bodies have a recycling process called Autophagy.  This process is activated by intermittent fasting and to a greater degree by prolonged fasting.  Autophagy is capable of restoring the body to its former state of health.  Fasting is free and has no detrimental side-effects when done properly.

  •  Mild exercise while fasting dramatically increases and enhances all the beneficial effects of fasting.

  •  Physical exercise is 9 times more beneficial for brain health than mental exercises.

  •  We burn body fat when we are fastingWe store body fat when we are eating.  A diet will either maintain our weight or increase it.


It is surprisingly easy to reverse illness and obesity.  All we need is the correct information.


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The Diet Fallacy
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